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Three Questions Worth Asking When Shopping For An Auto Repair Shop

by Jacob Scott

When your vehicle sustains damage in an accident, the best thing you can do is devote time to finding the right auto repair shop that will have your vehicle looking as good as new. It's useful to start by getting recommendations from your insurance company, but at the end of the day you have to feel confident that the shop you'll be visiting is the right one. You can make the process of selecting the ideal shop as easy as possible by visiting a few and speaking to a shop representative. This conversation will likely focus on the basics such as the accident you were in and the timeframe for the repair, but it's also important to ensure that these three questions are adequately covered.

Are You Specifically Qualified To Work On My Make And Model?

It's always ideal to give your business to an auto shop whose mechanics have gone through manufacturer-taught training. Many reputable shops send their staff to training courses offered by the major vehicle manufacturers, giving the mechanics an opportunity to become certified in servicing various makes and models of vehicle. If you choose a shop that can offer you this perk, you're increasing the likelihood that the repair job will be done correctly and to your satisfaction. When confirming this detail, be sure to clarify the year of the training to ensure that it has taken place since your vehicle was built.

What Type Of Warranty Do You Offer?

It's beneficial to have a clear picture of the auto shop's warranty policies before you commit to signing any paperwork. Even though you might not want to think about having to make a warranty claim, learning the specifics of this policy will protect you. Look for reputable shops to guarantee not only the parts they use, but also their labor. This means that if a specific part used in the repair job fails, the labor costs of replacing it will be covered and you won't be out of pocket.

Do You Exclusively Use New Parts?

If you're paying for the repair job yourself, you might look to keep on budget by seeing if the repair shop can use some used parts where appropriate. However, once you've filed an insurance claim, you want all the parts used in the repair job to be brand new. As such, make sure to clarify the shop's policy and stress that you'd like new parts to be used for the entirety of the job.

Contact an auto repair shop, like Fox And Fox or another location, for more answers and information.