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5 Rules For Pulling Parts At An Auto Recycling Center

by Jacob Scott

The auto recycler, also known as a used part or salvage yard, can be a treasure trove of parts for your vehicle. It can even provide you with a part time income if you have some knowledge of cars and want to begin selling some valuable parts to car enthusiasts. If you have never visited a recycling center before, there are some basic unwritten rules that you should be aware of. 

#1: Don't ask for your money back

Few recyclers offer cash back on returns. If a part doesn't work or isn't the right one, you just might be stuck with it. The best option is to ask about the return policy before you pull a part. Some recyclers do offer either full or partial credit. In some cases, this may only be available for parts they pull, not for any that you pull yourself.

#2: Bring your own tools

At U-pull yards, you will need to bring your own tools to remove any parts that you may need. Generally, a full socket set, pliers, a crowbar, and screwdrivers are sufficient. You may also want to bring a cat battery so you can test electronic parts.

#3: Don't expect to pull late model parts

As a general rule, late model car parts are more in demand and can fetch a more dependable high price. For this reason, many recyclers opt to pull from late model vehicles themselves so they can charge the full premium used price. Each yard is different in what they consider a late model. If you are planning to pull parts yourself, call ahead to see which years are off limits.

#4: Take your time

Be patient once you do find the part you want. Don't be in such a rush to remove it that you destroy other parts of the vehicle. Although you may not need the other parts near your chosen part, doesn't mean that someone else won't need them later down the line. Remove parts properly and don't simply force them out.

#5: Ask for a discount, but don't expect it

Parts from a recycler are naturally discounted because they are used, but that doesn't mean it's the final price. Your best bet is to know the regular list price of a used part before you pull it. This ensures any discount you ask for is realistic. There are certain specials that some recyclers also offer. For example, they may offer military discounts or they give you a discount for paying cash instead of credit. If a recycler has a sign or states that all prices are final, don't push them about a discount, though.