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Three Tips For Choosing A Paint Color For Your Vehicle

by Jacob Scott

It isn't always easy to choose a new paint color for your car. After all, there are a lot of colors you could choose, and the popularity of certain colors will vary, depending on the kind of vehicle you own, the year the vehicle was made, and where you live. Before you call your local auto body shop to schedule an appointment, choose your paint color by considering these three things.

Your Car's Function

If you're having a car painted that you plan to drive on a regular basis, you should probably keep your paint job simple. It's important that you choose a color that can be easily retouched if needed, you won't quickly tire of, and shouldn't go out of style any time soon. Sticking with a more traditional paint color for your car may not be exciting, but it does have its benefits. For example, cars with traditional paint jobs are easier to sell and you won't have to pay a ton of money just to fix a small scratch.

If the car that you're having painted is only going to be used for fun, such as going to car shows, consider choosing a paint color that will make a bold statement. Contrasting colors and an intricate design will make your car stand out amongst the other cars at your local car show.

Your Car's Style

You also need to take the car's year, make, and model into consideration when you're choosing a paint color, especially if you're restoring a classic car. Opt for colors that were available when the car was brand new -- otherwise the car won't have an authentic look.

Your Personality

The color of paint you choose for your car actually says a lot about your personality. People are drawn to specific styles and colors of cars for different reasons, such as:

  • Driving a red car might indicate that you're a go-getter.
  • Blue represents happiness, stability, and practicality, so it's often a car color that's popular with parents looking to project a stable home life.
  • Owning a silver car indicates that you have style and you're secure, while gray cars are typically an indication of a driver that's more mature and dignified.
  • Black is considered a power color that indicates that you're in control and classy.

The fact is, the color that you choose for your car is completely up to you. However, you can narrow down your options by taking the car's style, function, and your personality into consideration when you choose a paint color.

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