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The Process of Using a Junkyard for Used Auto Part Hunting

by Jacob Scott

Many people opt to purchase new automotive parts through their mechanic or dealer when something needs to be repaired on their vehicle. This is a convenient but expensive way to get a vehicle back on the road. Trying to find a part in a junkyard can be a great alternative that will save a bunch of money. Here is a rundown of what can be expected when visiting a junkyard to find a used part instead of buying it new.

The Layout

Most junkyards will categorize their vehicles into separate sections to make it easier for both customers and their workers to easily find the parts needed easily. These sections are usually distinguished by make of vehicle. Some junkyards may separate the different models in a particular make section while others will have all the vehicles jumbled together. In most junkyards, older vehicles that are deemed as being structurally strong will most likely be in the back portion of the junkyard since they are not sought out for parts as often as newer vehicles.

The Process

When someone goes to a junkyard, they will need to sign a waiver stating they will not press charges should something happen to them while in the junkyard. While this may be a bit intimidating, it covers the junkyard against injuries when someone doesn't know how to properly use tools needed to remove pieces or how to handle them safely. Since junkyards are situated on a vast area of land, it is impossible for the workers to be able to monitor all activity within, putting them at risk for someone suing them if a waiver is not present. There may also be a fee to enter the gates, but this is usually a small amount compared to the savings one would get from finding their own parts instead of buying them.

The Removal

After a similar vehicle is located, the part can be removed. The person looking for a part would need to bring in their own set of tools. Using a degreasing agent can help to remove rusted-on parts. Bringing along an extra set of hands or two is also a great idea as some parts can be very difficult to get off or out of a vehicle after it has been sitting for a long time period. Junkyards will usually provide testing equipment you can borrow to make sure parts removed are in good working order.

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