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Repurposing Tires Into Fun Decorative Items

by Jacob Scott

If you are going to be getting new tires put on your vehicle, the tire shop where you are having the procedure done usually keeps your old tires to bring to a recycling plant. Instead of paying the fee to have tires recycled, consider asking the tire shop to allow you to take them home with you instead. You will be able to save a few bucks on the recycling fee by reusing the tires to make a few decorative items to place around and outside of your home. Here are some ideas you can use to repurpose your used tires.

Make An Ottoman

Consider making a nifty area to use as storage in your home or on a deck or patio by making an ottoman out of your tire. Start by picking up a few pieces of plywood to completely cover each side of a tire. Cut it using a circular saw into a circular shape. Glue one piece to the tire using contact cement and allow to dry completely. This piece of wood will be the bottom of your ottoman.

Use the contact cement to adhere rope to the outer perimeter of the tire, circling it around the portion you drive upon from the hubcap side to the interior side. Make sure there are no gaps as you wind the rope around and stick it in place. Cut the rope when the entire rubber portion is covered. You will use several feet of rope. The amount will be determined by the thickness you select. A one to two-inch diameter should work nicely.

For the top, glue the end of a piece of rope to the center of one side of the plywood and continue wrapping the rope in a spiral while gluing into place until you get to the edge of the wood. Cut the rope and allow the glue to dry. Paint over the entire roped portions using polyurethane to help seal the rope into place. The top can be lifted off the tire and items can be stored within!

Make A Hanging Wall-Planter

A tire is a great resource to use for a planter. Paint a tire in a pleasing pastel shade with an exterior paint and allow to dry. Drill a 1/4" hole about an inch and a half above the center of the inner rim of the tire. Use a 1/4" washer and bolt to attach the tire to the side of your shed or garage. Bolt it to a vertical beam in the wall for better support, if possible. Fill the bottom of the tire with potting soil and plant several flowers in the tire, making sure that some of the foliage hangs over the edge. This whimsical flower planter will be an eye-catching conversation piece!

Children's Sandbox

Paint an old tire blue and place it in an area near a swing set or other children's yard toys. Place a small beach umbrella into the center of the opening of the tire and hammer it from the top so it stays in the ground below. Pour sand into the tire opening, around the beach umbrella. Place several shovels, sifters, and containers in the new sandbox and watch your children or grandchildren go to town! 

For more information about tires, contact a tire shop.