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Increase The Value Of Your Car By Replacing The Rear Seat Before Selling It

by Jacob Scott

If you want to sell your used car and get the most money for it, it needs to be in the best condition possible. If you have kids, there is a good chance that the rear seats in your vehicle are not in the best condition they could possibly be. Fortunately, there are many pick-a-part salvage yards that afford you the opportunity to find replacement seats at an affordable price. The following guide walks you through the process, you need to use in order to replace the seats in your vehicle.

Find the Replacement Seats

The first thing that you need to do is find another car that matches your car at a salvage yard. The yard will have a computer system in place that allows the employees to see what vehicles are in the yard. They can let you know if there are any of the vehicles you need in the yard before you even step foot behind their gates.

Get the Rear Seat

If there are cars available, you need to bring a ratchet with you to use when removing the seat. Push the front car seats as far forward as they will go. Climb into the back seat of the car and pull on the seat cushion of the rear car seat. The back and seat of the car seat are attached separately. The seat cushion is held in with clips so pulling it loose should not be too difficult. The back portion of the car seat is attached to the car by bolts. Use the ratchet to loosen the bolts at the bottom of the back of the seat to remove it from the car.

Replace the Rear Car Seat

Repeat the seat removal process on your car so that you can replace the rear seat. Hold the back of the seat in place and tighten the bolts to secure the seat to the car. Be sure that the bolts are secured as tightly as possible to ensure that the car seat is safe and secure if an accident occurs. Next, place the bottom cushion of the seat into place and press the clips into place. It is important to realize that a lot of pressure may need to be applied to the seat to cause the clips to become secure. You may need to sit on the seat to push the clips into place.

Replacing the rear car seat in your car will take a very short period of time to do. It will increase the price you can ask for the car because it will be in the best condition possible. For more information, contact companies like Apartsmart.