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Three Tips To Keep Your Tires Balanced As Long As Possible

by Jacob Scott

Although it's relatively easy to fix problems with your vehicle's tires, it'll nonetheless cost a significant amount of time and money to get a wheel re-balancing. Therefore, if it's convenient to take measures to keep your tires working longer, it almost always makes sense to do so. Before you get into your vehicle again, remember and apply these three tips for keeping your tires balanced.

Minimize The Amount Of Gravel You Drive Over

Any road that you travel on will gradually knock your tires out of balance. However, while paved asphalt roads can be traversed for an extremely long time without causing damage to your tires, rough gravel paths will send them knocking around almost immediately.

Even if you have to significantly lengthen your transit times, avoid any gravel paths that don't absolutely have to be traversed to get to a particular destination. If you can't avoid driving over gravel, drive as slow as you can to reduce the amount of force that gets applied to your tires.

Keep Your Brakes In Tiptop Shape

Faulty brakes are a big reason that tires go out of balance sooner than they should. This is because an inconsistent or squeaky brake will cause your tires to violently scrape any road or lot they're standing on.

Don't ignore any abnormal brake behavior before it worsens and becomes too serious to ignore. If you need to go to a mechanic eventually, you might as well go in time to prevent further issues with your tires.

Don't Stuff An Excessive Load Into Your Vehicle's Trunk

Your vehicle can only carry so much weight before your tires compress and fly out of balance. But even if your vehicle is technically carrying far less weight than it's designed to handle, cargo concentrated in your trunk can still be heavy enough to wreck your rear tires.

When you need to move a large amount of stuff in your vehicle, don't hazard your tires any more than you have to. If your vehicle accelerates noticeably slower with the extra weight, take some stuff out and save it for another trip.

It's pretty unusual to pay attention to the tires on a vehicle before a problem with them develops. But even if it feels like you're worrying too much about keeping your tires in balance, your efforts will almost certainly mean that you'll need fewer tire re-balancing sessions in the future. To learn more, visit Jafstram Imported Car Service