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Tips To Help You Care For Your RV Tires

by Jacob Scott

If you think having a blowout in compact car is frightening, imagine having one in an RV. For this reason, the importance of caring for your RV tires is vital to yours and your family's safety. Check out these tips about how you can get the longest and safest wear from your RV tires.

Always Make Pre-Trip Tire Inspections

Before you set out on a road trip, making a close inspection of your tires is essential for a safe ride. Many people store their RVs for the winter. RV tires can experience breakdown during long term storage. If you are taking your RV out of storage, be sure to check the tires for:

  • Aging can cause cracks and the rubber on tires to turn gray. If you see cracks, it is important to replace the tires before driving.
  • Ozone in the air causes cracks, usually seen on the sidewall of tires not in daily use. If cracks are deep it is important to replace the tires.
  • Low pressure can be slight enough to fool the naked eye. Always use an appropriate gauge for measuring the pressure in your tires after they have been immobile during storage.

Never Use Wood Blocks To Level Your RV

If you are considering using wood blocks underneath your RV tires for leveling, avoiding it is smart. Wood can attract insects like termites and holds moisture that can be detrimental to your tires. Choosing specially designed raised plastic tire blocks for RV tire leveling is best to avoid the ill effects wood can cause.

Keep Your RV Tires Off The Asphalt During Storage

Maybe you have a great, indoor garage to store your RV. However, if it is on asphalt, be sure to place plastic blocks underneath the tires. The chemical in asphalt are also the ones in petroleum and can cause irreversible damage to your tire's integrity. The last thing you want to see when you take your RV out of storage is tires that have been compromised by the chemicals present in asphalt.

Visiting An RV Tire Professional

If you suspect your RV tires need replacing, doing so before you drive too many miles is wise. Always take your RV to a tire specialist you trust and know will ensure your safe operation. Knowing you can count on your tires in a large vehicle like an RV, especially when you have your whole family rising with you, is a good feeling. Taking the time to care for your tires can certainly be worthwhile when your trip goes well and without incidents like flat tires or blowouts. For more information, talk to a place like Collier Goodyear Car Care Center.