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Pull Off A Surprise Auto Detailing

by Jacob Scott

People get so busy with life that they tend to forget some of the little perks they used to enjoy. If you want to give a friend or loved one a nice surprise, take their car in for a surprise auto detailing, something they enjoy but never seem to have the time for. Use the steps below to help make this gesture truly surprising.

Make the Appointment Correspond with Their Work Schedule

Don't try to get the car on a weekend because you don't want to interrupt their plans. Instead, schedule the detailing during your loved one's work hours. This way you can take them to work and pick them up without interfering with their normal schedule or any events they had lined up. Think of the pleasant surprise your loved one will have when they get in a nice clean car or truck after a long day of work!

Ask for a Favor

People like to help their loved ones. That means they are more inclined to do something if they think it is going to help you out. Don't just ask to borrow the car. Ask to borrow it at a specific time on a specific day to correspond with the detailing appointment. Suggest that you have something to do which you can't do in your own car. Try using some of the excuses below:

  • Your car doesn't have enough seats.
  • You need a truck to haul something for your grandmother.
  • Your car is scheduled for maintenance.

Take an Extra Step

Getting your loved one's car detailed is so nice, but why not take it one step further? Try to address areas that your loved one may not have been able to address. Consider filling the gas tank, getting an oil change, or getting a tune-up.

Your loved one is going to appreciate anything you go out of your way to do to the car, from auto detailing to filling the gas tank. The key is to do something that they want done, but don't have the time to do. You don't have to wait for a holiday either. Some of the best gifts and gestures are the ones that happen for no reason at all. Remember, this favor can benefit you as well since your loved one is probably going to want to go somewhere just to enjoy the new look and feel of their car or truck.