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Five Uses For Rust Inhibitor Spray You May Never Have Thought Of

by Jacob Scott

Rust inhibitor spray has always been an auto accessory. Applied either in the factory before the cars are sold or after the sale of a car, it prevents rust and seals the underside of the car's doors and tire wells. However, there are many more uses for rust inhibitor spray, some of which you probably never considered before now.

Bicycle Protection

If you commute to work by bicycle or you are a cycling enthusiast, then you know that your bike gets battered by rainstorms. Although you may use a plastic bag to keep the seat dry, you do nothing to protect the frame of the bike itself. Consider using rust inhibitor spray on your bike once or twice a year, and it will look brand-new for years to come.

Protecting Playground Equipment

A lot of children's playground equipment is metal. Over time, this stuff rusts just like anything else made of metal. You can use rust inhibitor spray to seal all of the metal areas on the equipment and keep it safe for the kids to play on. You can also use it to protect their wagons and bicycles. 

Rust-Proofing Patio Furniture

If you have metal patio furniture that sits outside in all kinds of weather, it will rust. Even if you invest in outdoor paint that contains an anti-rust element, the paint will wear off and rust will begin to show. If you spray your metal patio furniture with a rust undercoating first, and then apply outdoor paint with anti-rust sealant in it, then you have double the protection.

Resealing Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is trending now. Homeowners are replacing the traditional shingles with metal roofs. Although the metal roofing materials already come with an anti-rust powdered undercoat, you can reinforce that every year with the use of rust inhibitor spray. After all, you want to keep the metal roof looking attractive and do not want to see little spots of orange rust appearing around the edges.

Protecting Your Lawn and Garden Tools

Getting accidental cuts and nicks from rusty lawnmower blades or hedge shears means you will need shots to prevent lockjaw and possibly some stitches. Although you may not be able to avoid cutting yourself on your lawn and garden tools, you can avoid tetanus and shots by coating your yard tools with the inhibitor spray. It will help keep your yard and garden tools sharp too, because the rust will not be there to dull them.

If It Is Metal, You Can Rust-Proof It

Really, virtually anything you have that is made of metal you can spray with a rust-proof sealant. Anything that is outside or will be outside often should be sealed. You can buy rust inhibitor spray in cans from your local auto accessories and parts store.