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How To Handle Your Auto Body Damages

by Jacob Scott

Have you just been involved in a car accident? If so, you have likely experienced some damages to the body of your vehicle. Before you go out and have these damages fixed, you will want to know which step to take when it comes to using your insurance coverage or paying out of pocket. You may not know, but using your insurance coverage to pay for the repairs can potentially cost you in the long run, as filing a claim to cover costly auto body repairs can spike your insurance premium. So, before you utilize your insurance coverage, you will want to:

Obtain Quotes

Before you rely on one specific auto body repair shop, it is important that you take the time to obtain quotes from a variety of repair shops. This will allow you to compare prices, as well as see which repair shop can provide you with the fastest service. Also, based on the prices that the repair shops quote you, you can see whether or not you are able to afford the repairs without the help of your insurance coverage.

Consult With Your Insurance Agent

Some insurance providers may offer accident forgiveness with the policies that they have, which means you may not see an increase in your insurance premium if you need to utilize your insurance coverage to pay for the cost of your repairs. Knowing this can save you from having to pay out of pocket, which can save you a great amount of money and allow you to feel a bit more comfortable knowing that your insurance premium isn't going to increase.

Pay for It Yourself

If the rates you have been given for the repairs are lower than what your deductible rate is, or are close to the cost of your deductible, then paying for your repairs yourself is a much better option. This prevents any chance of your insurance rate increasing and will help you have your repairs done much sooner, as you will not have to wait for any insurance check to arrive in the mail and will be able to pay as soon as you need.

Knowing what to do after a car accident is important, as you will want to feel confident with your decision and ensure you select the choice that is both mentally and financially best for you. You will also want to know what your options are, so you can avoid dealing with costly insurance later down the road. So, before you immediately assume your insurance provider is your only option, be sure that you take advantage of these tips.

For more information, you may want to contact a local repair shop, like Windy's Collision Center.