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Auto Body Repair: Two Ways To Repair Hail Damage

by Jacob Scott

If you live somewhere that sees freezing cold temperatures in the winter, you might have to worry about hail. Hail is made up of large balls of ice that can be disastrous for your car. Not only can they scratch your shiny paint shop, but large pieces of hail can actually cause dent and other types of damage. If you have small dents from hail, these two ways may help you repair the damage on your own:

Dent Repair Kits

The first thing you can try, which happens to be the more successful of the two options, is a dent repair kit. You can get these kits at any auto supply store and occasionally at a home goods store. The dent repair kit comes with everything you need to repair small dents on your vehicle. Most hail storms will only cause minor dents, so they are very successful for this type of damage. The dent repair kit will include detailed instructions on how to use it. In general, it will require using a knockdown tool, glue gun, and various other elements to remove the dent. They are also inexpensive, so it is a good option to try out.

Keep in mind the dent repair kit isn't going to help damage to your paint job, so you will either have to deal with the scratched paint, or paint over that area on your own.

Use a Hair Dryer or Dry Ice

The other option is a classic DIY option for removing small dents on your car caused by hail. Again, do not attempt this if it is a large or deep dent, as it isn't going to be very successful. The first item to try is dry ice, which can encourage the metal to expand from the heat and hopefully cause the dent to pop out. If you want to try using the hair dryer, use an extension cord so that you can plug it in and turn it on while out at your car. Point it directly at the dent while you are parked outside in the sun. Point the dryer at the dent for two minutes at a time until the dent pops out on its own.

Both of these methods are best when used in combination with the sun, because the heat from the sun can cause the dent to expand and pop out.

If neither of these options work or if the dent is too severe, contact a professional auto body repair shop. They are experienced at fixing all types of dents, including those caused by hail storms.