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Used Car Owners: 3 Important Maintenance Steps

by Jacob Scott

Buying a used car is a great way to save money, but it's important to make sure that the car is in good shape. Here are a few maintenance steps to take to ensure your used car is in good condition:

Check PSI Range of Tires

One of the most important steps to do is to check the PSI (pounds per square inch) of each tire. If you don't and they are not aired up correctly, your used car may have handling problems on the road. Use a digital tire pressure gauge and put it on the valve stem of each tire.

Take these readings and compare them with the readings found in your vehicle's owner manual. If your tires are not aired up enough, you can take your vehicle into a tire service shop like Down East Tire & Service LLC. These shops will air up tires with an electric air compressor, which lets professionals air up your tires quickly and safely. If your tires are aired up too much, simply let some air out until the PSI range is correct.

Repair Cracks on Windshield

A lot of times used cars are going to have cracks on the windshield. It's okay if they are small, but if they get bigger, they could make it difficult to see while driving. You can fix cracks with ease when you use a glass resin solution. This solution is temperature-resistant, so it will not break down if it gets hot or cold outside.

First, clean out the crack, making sure you get any dirt or debris out of it. Then, apply the resin solution inside the crack and give it a day to dry. When it does, the crack will not be visible anymore, and a watertight seal will be created. This seal prevents the crack from getting any bigger.

Inspect the Air Filter

An important part of any car is the air filter. This keeps debris from reaching your vehicle's engine and wearing it down. It's important to make sure it's clean regularly. First, locate the air filter housing in your car. This will be underneath your hood.

Remove the clamps holding the housing in place, and take out the filter. If it's a reusable filter and it's dirty, put it in a bucket filled with soapy water. Stir it around, getting any dirt and debris off of it. Then, set it out in the sun and let it dry completely. Install it back into the air filter housing. If your filter is not reusable, simply put a new one inside the housing.

Used cars can be bought for a low price, but they may not be in pristine condition. You can maintain your used car by taking the steps above on a regular basis.